Residential Sewer Service

We specialize in residential sewer services for homes and apartments in New Jersey. We provide emergency residential sewer cleaning and will be on-site promptly to remove and un-clutter all clogs that occur in sewer pipes. We perform drain cleaning and snaking services for all pipes no matter how large or small the pipe may be. Public Sewer has high-tech powered hydro-vac sewer cleaning equipment that uses over 4000psi of water pressure to break up silt, sand and tree roots found in sewer pipes. Our TV inspection and pipe detection will detect all cracks, clogs and objects such as tree roots and will detect the exact location of the sewer pipe problem without excessive digging and excavations. We provide all septic sewer services for residences in New Jersey that include proper handling, transportation and disposal of all septic tank waste water.

Having our own service and repair department ensures that our fleet adheres to a preventative maintenance program which reduces downtime, thus guaranteeing that our sewer drain cleaning fleet stands ready to serve you at a moments notice. We are dedicated to providing impeccable drain cleaning and sewer snaking service to our valued residential customers.

Public Sewer Service does not subcontract any of our sewer drain cleaning and snaking work, we perform the complete job, no matter how small or large. We pride ourselves in providing reliable, dependable and quality service at all times. From our residential drain and sewer cleaning services to sewer pipe repair, Public Sewer Service stands ready to serve all of our customers throughout the New Jersey area. Please contact our Sewer Service at 1-800-508-8264 for more information.

Public Sewer Service

Sewer main/systems maintenance in NJ is very complicated and delicate work that requires professional sewer service technicians to handle it. Public Sewer Service’s team has 60 years of experience that provides them with the knowledge and skills necessary to tackle any sewer service challenge head-on and solve them.
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